REkrabička and REkelímek

The best and the most ecological packaging for your food and drinks

  • Leakproof


  • Extremely durable

    Extremely durable

  • 100% recyclable

    100% recyclable

  • BPA Free

    BPA Free

  • Compact dimensions

    Compact dimensions

  • Made in Czech Republic

    Made in Czech Republic

  • Main dishes



    REkrabička – one-compartment
  • Main dishes



    REkrabička – two-compartment
  • Soups



    REkrabička – small
  • Latte



    REkelímek  – large
  • Latte


    Filtred coffee

    REkelímek – medium
  • Espresso



    REkelímek – small

To meet all the conditions of a demanding restaurant operation is never easy. That's why we invited more than twenty professionals from this field to help. Thanks to their advice and comments, they helped us create unique, precisely tailored products - REkrabička and REkelímek, for every restaurant, buffet, dining room, canteen or cafe.

The strong lid of the REkrabička seals perfectly, so your customers will no longer have any surprises like spilled food in their bag or backpack. In the two-chamber version, the individual food parts are separated, so there is no risk of mixing the food with the side dish. And REkelímek? It has a strong, easy-to-fit lid that ensures that every drink stays in it. It also has an ergonomic shape that guarantees the best enjoyment of coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

REkrabička and REkelímek are made of a carefully selected type of polypropylene, whose extreme resistance allows one packaging to be used up to 400 times and thus replace the same number of disposable packaging. Microwave, dishwasher, or carrying food from one place to another? Of course, none of this is a problem!

The compact dimensions of REkrabička and REkelímek, tuned to the last millimeter, guarantee perfect harmony and enough space for comfortable serving and subsequent consumption of food and drinks. Thanks to its special shape, REkrabička always looks full and makes your dishes stand out. With REkelímek, customers can enjoy its attractive design in several color variants.

We produce our products directly in the Czech Republic, which allows us to minimize transportation from one place to another place and effectively reduce CO₂ production. In addition to this, the material we use is 100% recyclable and thus environmentally friendly.

Add to all of this all the other benefits of REkrabička and REkelímek, and you have products that both you and your customers will appreciate. We believe that thanks to these special features, you too will soon welcome REkrabička and REkelímek in your company.