Delivery of food without production of waste

  • Keep everything under your control

    Keep everything under your control

    With our system, you have a complete overview of how many packages each customer returned to you.

  • Save costs

    Save costs

    You no longer have to buy single-use packaging and pay fees for its disposal. We have an offer for you that is exactly tailored to you.

  • Deliver fresh and hot food

    Deliver fresh and hot food

    The REkrabička is the most ecological option for food packaging, and at the same time, compared to single-use packaging, it will keep your food warm and fresh for a longer time.

Service tailored to you

  • Complete records of packaging

    Complete records of packaging

    Our application solves the collection and return of deposits for you and provides you with a complete overview of all movements and stock of returnable packaging. You can simply use the application on any mobile phone and also directly from your cash register system.

  • Supervision of company employees

    Supervision of company employees

    With our system, your business customers will receive accurate information about which employees have not returned all borrowed packaging. Thanks to this, the system is set up transparently towards all employees.

  • Self-service return of packaging

    Self-service return of packaging

    If you pack meals for several diners at one place, we will provide you with a self-service box machine for returning the packaging. Customers simply return borrowed packaging to it with the help of the app, and you empty the box machine once in a while.

  • Provide your customers with quality

    Provide your customers with quality

    Our packaging is not only ecological, but also keeps your food and drinks warm and fresh for a long time. Our partners agree that serving food and drinks in our packaging has raised the quality of food to a much higher level.

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How it works

  • Tell us about your needs


    We will be happy to hear everything about your business place and propose a tailor-made solution for you - just give us a call. As soon as we agree on cooperation, we will send you a starter package and you will start using the service to the full.

    Tell us about your needs
  • Start delivering food and drinks in returnable packaging


    Use our promotional materials, inform staff and start offering REkrabička and REkelímek to customers as an alternative to single-use packaging. We are premium packaging for food and drink, let your customers enjoy this luxury to the greatest extent possible.

    Start delivering food and drinks in returnable packaging
  • Wash and recycle used packaging


    Wash and reuse REkrabička and REkelímek that customers return to you. Return to the customer their deposit or offer them another meal or drink right away. Good job, waste saved!

    Wash and recycle used packaging

Wide range of products

Returnable and reusable packaging for a wide variety of food and drinks.

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