Conserve nature

Pack your takeaway meal in ecological, reusable and returnable REkrabička.

Where to find REkrabička

Enjoy REkrabička and REkelimek at 570 restaurants, bistros and cafes.

How it works

  • Pack your takeaway in reusable REkrabička


    You can get it at any location within our wide partner network. The deposit for REkrabička is only 80 CZK, some partners may also charge a small service fee from 1 to 5 CZK.

    Pack your takeaway in reusable REkrabička
  • Enjoy your fresh meal!


    Thanks to REkrabička, everything tastes better. The airtight lid always keeps your food fresh and exactly where it's supposed to be – in REkrabička. Say goodbye to food spilled in your bag!

    Enjoy your fresh meal!
  • Return REkrabička, collect good feeling and deposit


    You can return REkrabička at any partner location – anytime and even unwashed. Enjoy the good feeling from helping our nature and don't forget to get back your deposit. Or you can order another meal with REkrabička, don't you think?

    Where to return
    Return REkrabička, collect good feeling and deposit


The best and the most ecological packaging for your food.

  • Leakproof


  • Catchy design

    Catchy design

  • 100% recyclable

    100% recyclable

  • Made in Czech Republic

    Made in Czech Republic

  • BPA Free

    BPA Free

  • Compact dimensions

    Compact dimensions

  • Main dishes



    REkrabička – one-compartment
  • Main dishes



    REkrabička – two-compartment
  • Soups



    REkrabička – small
  • Latte


    Filtred coffee

    REkelímek – large
  • Espresso



    REkelímek – small

Meeting all demanding requirements of the restaurant industry is never an easy task. That's why we have asked more than twenty professionals to help us with this challenge. Thanks to their feedback and guidance, we've been able to develop an exclusive product tailored to all the needs – REkrabicka. It works just great for every restaurant, bistro or cafe.

The airtight lid provides perfect sealing, so you'll never again find any unpleasant surprise in your bag. As for the two-compartment REkrabička, both parts are fully divided too, which means you don't have to worry about your side dish getting mixed with the main course.

REkrabička is made of a carefully selected type of polypropylene, whose extreme durability makes it possible to use every REkrabička up to 400 times and replace the same amount of disposable packages. Microwaving, dishwashing and taking it with you everywhere you go? Of course, no problem at all!

Our manufacture is located directly in the Czech Republic, which allows us to minimize transportation and effectively reduce CO₂ production. All used materials are 100% recyclable and considerate to nature.

In addition, we can't forget to mention attractive design together with compact dimensions and we believe you now know everything you wanted to and you're heading to the nearest partner for your own REkrabička.

Benefits of REkrabička