Join the revolution of food packaging

  • Conserve nature

    Conserve nature

    We're the most ecological way of packing food. Every REkrabička can be used up to 400 times which significantly reduces waste production and saves valuable natural resources.

  • Make your offering more attractive

    Make your offering more attractive

    People are interested in ecology more and more. If you start offering REkrabička instead of impractical disposables, you'll certainly increase your customers' interest in your services.

  • Save money

    Save money

    You don't have to be buying one-off packaging and paying fees for its liquidation anymore. We have an offer tailored precisely to your needs.


Whether you run a small bistro, large restaurant, or company canteen, we always have a special offer tailored to your needs.

Quarterly paymnets

Monthly paymnets  


The right choice for vendors, who offer takeaway or delivery as a complementary service and want to enrich it with REkrabicka.

290 Kč

per month

Deposit for every REkrabička is 66.12 Kč

Delivery for 129 Kč / package


Offer designed for all vendors taking takeaway or delivery seriously. Choose this package if you pack around 150 to 1 500 meals a month.

2.2 Kč

for every meal packed in REkrabička

Deposit for every REkrabička is 66.12 Kč

Delivery for free or with a discount


Special program tailored to the needs of large vendors who serve more than 1 500 takeaway or delivery meals every month.


based on your needs

Deposit for every REkrabička is 66.12 Kč

Delivery always for free

All prices are without VAT.

Service includes

  • REkrabička rental and supplying, inlcuding replacement of worn-out boxes

  • Buyback of spare containers

  • Eligibility to get REkelímek for a discounted price

  • Marketing materials and inclusion in our partner network

  • Ecological recyclation of worn-out REkrabička

Benefits of REkrabička

How it works

  • Have REkrabička delivered


    Order our starting package or contact us directly. After the confirmation of your order, you'll receive the package in less than two days and your business can start saving nature too!

    Have REkrabička delivered
  • Offer REkrabička to your customers


    Use marketing materials provided, inform your personnel and start offering REkrabička as an alternative to disposables. We're a premium food packaging – let your customers enjoy it as much as possible.

    Offer REkrabička to your customers
  • Wash returned REkrabička and send it back to circulation


    Wash returned REkrabička and use it again. Give your customers their deposit back or pack their next takeaway order in another REkrabička. Good job, waste reduced!

    Wash returned REkrabička and send it back to circulation


The best and the most ecological packaging for your food.

  • Leakproof


  • Extreme durability

    Extreme durability

  • 100% recyclable

    100% recyclable

  • BPA Free

    BPA Free

  • Compact dimensions

    Compact dimensions

  • Made in Czech Republic

    Made in Czech Republic

  • Main dishes



    REkrabička – one-compartment
  • Main dishes



    REkrabička – two-compartment
  • Soups



    REkrabička – small
  • REkelímek – Coffee – Tea – Lemonades


Meeting all demanding requirements of the restaurant industry is never an easy task. That's why we have asked more than twenty professionals to help us with this challenge. Thanks to their feedback and guidance, we've been able to develop an exclusive product tailored to all the needs – REkrabicka. It works just great for every restaurant, bistro or cafe.

The airtight lid provides perfect sealing, so your customers will never again find any unpleasant surprise in their bags. As for the two-compartment REkrabička, both parts are fully divided too, which means you don't have to worry about side dishes getting mixed with the main course.

REkrabička is made of a carefully selected type of polypropylene, whose extreme durability makes it possible to use every REkrabička up to 400 times and replace the same amount of disposable packages. Microwaving, dishwashing and manipulation from place to place? Of course, no problem at all!

Compact dimensions, fine-tuned to the last detail, make REkrabička space-saving and provide great comfort for food serving and eating. Moreover, thanks to a unique shape, REkrabička looks always full and lets your meals to shine.

Our manufacture is located directly in the Czech Republic, which allows us to minimize transportation and effectively reduce CO₂ production. All used materials are 100% recyclable and considerate to nature.

In addition, we can't forget to mention original and attractive design and we believe you'll also start offering REkrabička in your business very soon.

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